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We make Lasagnes

FARNIENTE specialises in the production of fresh lasagnes and finalised a hand-made production method that guarantees, for each of its products, quality and top flavour.



Farniente makes use, on an exclusive basis, of fresh products that are carefully selected so that delicious lasagnes can be prepared. Our expertise

Our packaging

les conditionnements proposés par Farniente Our packaging


True to its slogan: «We make lasagnes, only», FARNIENTE offers lasagnes with pork meat (24% and 16%),

beef (24% and 16%), chicken (16%) and a lasagne verdi with pork meat (24%) and spinach.

These different recipes are available in several packagings:

400 gr, 1 kg, 3 kg, 3,6 kg, 4 kg, 4,7 kg, 5 kg et 5 kg gastro (specific for the HORECA).



The company

FARNIENTE S.A. is an independent family business established in 1991. Our production site is located in Seilles, a municipality located at 20 km of Namur in the French speaking part of Belgium.

After more than 20 years of know-how, the company has become one of the leading Belgian producers of fresh lasagne and it is part of the European 'Top 3'.We produce for Belgium and we mainly export to Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands and Portugal.

The modern but traditional factory has just been certified FSSC 22000.


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The sauces

We entirely manufacture our bolognese and bechamel sauces following our unique recipe based exclusively on fresh and natural ingredients. After cooking the meat, we extract the cooking juices in order to obtain a product with a good consistency.


The meat

All our meats are fresh and come from Belgium. The pork is delivered on shoulder, the beef in pieces vacuum packed and the chicken in the form of boneless chicken thighs in a protective atmosphere.


The cereal

Our semolina and our flour both come from local mills.


The tomato

We use pulp from fresh tomatoes coming directly from Italy.


The milk

Our milk is a fresh whole UHT milk, coming from a Belgian dairy farm and is delivered to us twice a week.


The eggs

Our eggs are fresh and whole eggs from hens raised outdoors.


The pasta

Our fresh pasta is manufactured from eggs, semolina and water. They are produced in real time and transported directly to the assembly line.


The butcher’s

Our butchers debone and de-rind the pork shoulders every day. The pork, beef and chicken meat are then minced separately by them just before use



The spices

We create our own spice mixtures from natural dried spices.


The shipment

Our products are shipped the day after their manufacturing, via our own trucks in Belgium and via international hauliers.


The packaging

Our three packaging lines dedicated to our different packagings allow us to customize the packaging at the level of the label, the film and the box.


The assembly

On our assembly line, we have the human know-how and the technology to achieve the balance between tradition and productivity. Our current facilities allow us to produce up to 20 tonnes per day.


The cheese

We receive our cheese 100% Emmenthal in bloc. We rasp it just before its use in order to ensure a maximal freshness as well as to preserve its taste and texture.


Our expertise

All raw materials used are of high quality and fresh/natural.

For our different recipes, we promote the use of local products. Our lasagne is rich in meat of Belgian origin.

In addition, we guarantee that all our products are free of additives, dyes and preservatives.


Ingredients used

Pork shoulder


Chicken high meat

Fresh tomato pulp

Whole fresh milk

Cheese100% Emmenthal

Whole egg

Durum wheat semolina

Wheat flour

Rapeseed oil

Fresh onions

Natural spices


Of preservatives

Of colourings

Of artificial flavourings

Of added water


Local ingredients

Fresh ingredients

24% or 16% of meat on the total weight

10% of pasta

6% of cheese

Eggs from chicken raised outdoors

Traditional slaughter


  • Independent family-run business

  • Established in 1991, more than 20 years of know-how

  • Stable job rotation

  • Modern but traditional factory

  • FSSC 22000

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